冲浪者集团(esball平台注册)成立于2019年, 依托中国上海和澳大利亚悉尼(冲浪者集团澳大利亚有限公司),跨越南北太平洋, 提供专业的定制化的解决方案,服务涵盖:国际和国内贸易,跨境电商等等,赢得客户的尊重和信任;作为冲浪者集团的子公司(上海保综供应链管理有限公司),专注于本地的供应链管理和仓储/快件软件的服务提供。
Started at a scratch, Surfers Group was established on 2019, based at Shanghai, China. Gradually and smoothly expanding to Sydney, Australia, crossing the Pacific Ocean over the south and north aspects, focusing on the customized business solutions, associated with international & domestic trading, cross board e-coms etc., won the respect and the confidence from the clients. Meanwhile, as the wholly subsidized company NSW New Tech, that provides supply chain management, as well as WMS warehouse system and e-parcel delivery software system.



做正确的事, 把事情做正确
Core value: do the right things, and do the things right